So it begins.

Welcome to Political Intrigue. Every year has its political ups and downs, but 2016 has seen some of the biggest earthquakes in the world of politics – certainly in the West – for several decades. From Brexit to the US Presidential Election result to Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn winning a second leadership contest in 12 months, this year has borne witness to significant political events.

But where do we go from here?

Well, if 2016 stirred up uncertainty, next year is surely going to see that magnified. Trump, who did not secure the popular vote by any stretch of the imagination, is now just a few short weeks from his inauguration; Teresa May, who has no mandate from the British electorate, is within months of declaring Article 50 thereby beginning the UK’s process of exiting the European Union; meanwhile in France and Germany the repackaged and rebranded (but still very dangerous) Far Right parties are hoping for gains in their own elections.

These are scary times for progressives alike, who are increasingly being described as unpatriotic, liberal, and metropolitan elites who care little for ‘the little people’ (a hideously patronising phrase coined by odious attention seeker, Nigel Farage, to describe those left behind in the wake of the financial crisis of the late noughties).

It’s this background that’s led to the creation of Political Intrigue. We’ll be offering opinion and asking questions of both those in charge of governments and their opposition counterparts, as the fight to take progressive politics back to the top begins.




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